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The 14th Amendment, the Debt Ceiling,and the Trillion Dollar Coin all walk into a bar….

Yes, it DOES sound like a joke, but it’s not.
As you know, we just got finished with a standoff over the Congressionally-created crisis known as the “financial cliff,” and now, we have to deal with the impending need to raise the debt ceiling in a few weeks. There have been two particularly interesting ideas put forth to allow President Obama to bypass Congress: The 14th Amendment and a trillion (yes!) dollar coin. We discussed this in class today, but here are the links for you to peruse.

So here’s a link to the discussion on the use of the 14th Amendment to unilaterally allow the president to raise the debt ceiling:

and here:

Then there’s the discussion of the Trillion Dollar platinum coin:

This has been suggested by people such as President Clinton and Paul Krugman, who is the owner of a Nobel Prize in economics (as well as being a liberal columnist)’ Here’s Krugman’s take:

All this, instead of just negotiating a compromise. Sigh.

Virdeo Overview: The Dawes Act



The Native Americans

Includes a chant and really great pictures.

The Wounded Knee Massacre, 1890

This video can also be accessed at

Why did this massacre happen?

Although the video ends somewhat abruptly, here’s the rest of the story of what happened to the baby:

The Significance of the Frontier in American History

Here it is plus the questions: Turner’s Frontier Thesis + questions

This is here because somebody whose name rhymes with “Zach” didn’t come and get it, that turkey.

The story of the Apache Wars

Chief Joseph Surrenders, 1877

Here is the link. The speech is very brief– perhaps 200 words– but is considered one of the great speeches of American history. Go to