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McCarthyism: “Have You NO Sense of Decency?”

A National History Day project (prepared by students your age) on McCarthy’s history of self-aggrandizement and mirepresentation. Very well done.

FRQ writing on Friday

You will write another in-class FRQ on Friday. The prompt will be from section VI of your FRQ packet, chosen from prompts 1-5.

Those who are not here on Friday to write in class will have to make this up after school by March 30 at 3:15 pm, and will be given a different prompt than from these five. It would be wise to thoroughly outline and find information for each of these five prompts.

Extra Credit Oral History Project

If you are interested in a way to expand your knowledge of recent America History, you may create an Oral History Project worth up to 50 points of extra credit for semester 2. Points earned will be based on crafting insightful questions and being able to learn something immediate and interesting about the person you interview. I strongly suggest that you research some oral history projects to determine how to do Oral History well. You may interview a friend or family member who has personally experienced an historically significant event, such as fighting in a war, participating in a movement, living through the Great Depression, or serving in a public office. This project should generate an interesting story of someone’s life. A good interview should take at least twenty minutes.

The final project will be due on January 19. Be prepared to show me the questions you drafted and have them approved after break.

Here are some links to help you create some questions:  The WPA Folklore Project The American Century Project  The Veterans History Project Women’s Movement (with examples)