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Assignment on book on Monday, April 16! Reminder! Books are to be completed by April 30!

You should be halfway through with your book. There will be an in-class assignment on your book on Monday, so bring your book with you if you want.

Update before spring break!

Your 36-38 Quiz will be March 26. Be ready.

You must all have chosen a book by tomorrow, or I will assign you one. I hope you are looking forward to the chance to indulge your interests.

I am very proud of all of you for getting your money in on time for the AP exam. Good job!

HEY YOU! AP Checks are DUE !!!!!!

If you are taking AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Statistics, Ap Physics, AP Calculus, AP English Lit or Language, AP Spanish Lit of Language, AP Computer Programming, AP Studio Art, or, last but by no means least

AP US History !!!!!!

you need to get your checks in for 83 dollars PER TEST !!!! by March 13!


WHY do you need you do this? So your parents don’t have to do this after you graduate: