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Eisenhower warns about the Military-Industrial complex

Three days before leaving office, Eisenhower warns against heedless pursuit of weaponry. Only a former general of Eisenhower’s stature could have said this and not been criticized for weakness.

“Beating ploughshares into swords” is a Biblical reference (Isaiah 2:4 and Joel 3:10). A plow has a blade, and a sword has a blade, but one is used for peace, while the other is used for war. Beating ploughshares into swords means preparing for war. Beating swords into ploughshares means giving up war.

Nuclear weapons development timeline

Watch this.
Development of Nuclear weapons in 4 minutes (like the Madonna song)

Patton’s Fake Army

Here’s the whole story of Operation Fortitude:

Pickett’s Charge– the End

Remember, never never NEVER run in front of a cannon. You will become very hole-y.

Pickett’s Charge from Gettysburg (the Killer Angels), pt 1

Photographs from after the Battle of Gettysburg

Why Metallica for the music??? I don’t know.

Antietam photograph and Matthew Brady’s other work



Matthew Brady is referred to here as “The Father of Photojournalism.” His work was controversial because it was so gory and so realistic that it shocked the sensibilities of people– it seemed voyeuristic, in some people’s opinions.

The Lego Battle of New Orleans

Monkeys! Skeletons! Andy Jackson!

This song was a hit for Johnny Horton in the 1950s. Yes, really.




War of 1812 Veteran’s grave gets new headstone


Cold War Military Spending Chart

Attached is a copy of the chart that was handed out in class. Please analyze and infer from the data the impact of major Cold War events upon military spending. I would suggest you also remember who was president during each of these years. Remember that an event could actually be from the previous year before it impacts budgetary items. You may write the analysis as annotations, and this is due the next time class meets. Remember, I am no longer accepting late assignments (not even photographs of the completed assignments!), so make sure you have it with you.

Cold War Military Spending in Equivalent Dollars